Tricky Names

If you happen to have an unusual first or last name, you’ve probably run into people who mispronounce it. In place of a first name I use my initials, D. R. (A lot of writers do.) When I’m talking to a stranger on the phone I have an especially hard time communicating my name. I have to slowly say, “D period R period.” Because otherwise they sometimes think my first name is “Dear.” Or people will call me “Doctor”–because my name has the same letters as the title “Dr.” (Because of that I often get junk mail addressed to Mr. Dr. Martin.)

In Johnny Graphic there are a few names that folks might pronounce in different ways. Here’s a list of some of them and how I pronounce them.

First, there’s Nina Bain. Though some people might pronounce her name as NEEN-ah, I pronounce it NINE-ah–rhyming with China.

Dame Honoria’s name is pronounced: Ah-NOR-ee-ah. The H is silent.

The Steppe Warrior Burilgi’s name is pronounced with a hard g sound, Burr-ILL-gee.

The female Steppe Warrior Checheg’s name is pronounced CHE-chig.

Bao, the little girl ghost, is simply Bow…as in, “The rock star took a bow.”

Of course, if you want to pronounce these names differently, it’s fine with me. The important thing is that you enjoy these characters and their adventures.

About drmar120

D. R. Martin is a writer and photographer based in Minnesota.
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